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Dec 25, 2018

The story from the hand of the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy, "Papa Panov's Special Christmas".


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Nov 13, 2018

Dr. Al chats with aerialist, motivational speaker and NY Times best selling author Jen Bricker.

This is a deep dive into insecurities, removing limitations, removing the words “I can’t”, living your life, faith ….and much, much more! 

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Oct 25, 2018

Dr. Al chats with Jeremy "The Kung Fu Guy" Roadruck.  Jeremy is a 6th degree black belt, Master instructor, speaker, teacher, author, catalyst, transformational expert, coach for families and children and best selling author.

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"Is This Game Worth Winning"

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Oct 16, 2018

Dr. Al chats with Tabita Dietrich about surviving 5 near-death experiences, rape, child abuse, living on the street, addiction, building a 6 figure business. Then finding herself innocently locked up in a foreign country for 2 years, learning some valuable lessons, coming back stronger and building another multiple 6...

Oct 10, 2018

Dr. Al chats with mother, educator, researcher and author Dana Latter.  

Dana’s Journey began when she found out that something was not quite right with her son’s development. She went to countless professionals searching for answers and treatments. but still her son wasn’t being accepted by the other kids, he...